Friday, 18 March 2011

What's a dead baby worth to BPAS?

CLIENT FEES - Sterling (£)
Initial consultation
Treatment price
Total payable
Under 9 weeks
 9 - 18 weeks
19 - 24 weeks
Up to 14 weeks:
   General Anaesthetic
   Local Anaesthetic 
15 - 18 weeks
19 - 24 weeks

And we're supposed to believe that BPAS is a charity, or that abortion providers offer a 'service'. We do not believe this at all.

BPAS, just like Marie Stopes, is a business, and a business is there to make money. Registered charity is just a tax code, and you do run an organisation on a mere tax code. Last year, BPAS income was 25,042,000 pounds - an increase of 3% on their 2008/09 income. Almost all of that came from the NHS, paid for by the public through taxes.

2009/10 is the fourth year in a row that BPAS has reported a trade surplus - yes they are getting richer by killing unborn children.

BPAS key aim for the financial year 2010/11 is to generate a surplus of 2,000,000 pounds.

We really need to work hard to put BPAS out of business - for the sake of the unborn, for their mothers and fathers, for the good of those who work in abortuaries, and for the good of our nation.

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