Saturday, 5 March 2011

BPAS the 'charity'

The paragraph below is taken directly from the Charity Commission website, right here. So often, we here BPAS, and abortion advocates roll out the same old line 'BPAS is a charity' 'BPAS provide a valued community service'. Well, what does it actually mean to have registered charity status? There are charities that do not have registered charity status, but they do charitable work. Likewise, there are charities that have registered status and actually do charitable work. To have the registered status confers certain benefits. Essentially, it is a tax code. So here we go:
What are the main advantages of being a charity?
24. The main advantages are that charities:
  • do not normally have to pay income/corporation tax (in the case of some types of income), capital gains tax, or stamp duty, and gifts to charities are free of inheritance tax;
  • pay no more than 20% of normal business rates on the buildings which they use and occupy to further their charitable aims;
  • can get special VAT treatment in some circumstances;
  • are often able to raise funds from the public, grant-making trusts and local government more easily than non-charitable bodies;
So, when people come out with the old line 'BPAS are a charity' all you have to say is that registered charity status is a tax code, which means BPAS don't have to pay taxes, get special discounts, can more easily take money off the government, and get their greedy hands on tax payers money so they can murder babies, whilst not having to pay any themselves!

From BPAS financial reports, we could argue that BPAS runs as a business and seeks to make profit, or as they call it 'trade surplus'. They market and promote themselves, they celebrate doing more abortions, they aim to make 2 million pounds trade surplus for the next financial year, and 7 top employees earn over 60,000 a year. Disgusting!

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