Friday, 11 March 2011

Great news from Cheltenham

It's going fabulously well here, at the moment.  This is roughly how the day went: 

10 March 2011:

An incredible day.  More people have come to talk with us than yesterday, there was even a class of pupils with their teacher, and they asked about everything on the subject of the sanctity of life, and the importance of protecting the baby, and of helping the mother, etc.  They really asked a lot of questions, and seemed happy with the answers.  An hour or so later, the teacher came to us and said that the feedback from the pupils had been totally positive.  All kinds of people initiated conversations, or made positive comments.

One mother showed us her little “bump” and said: “I agree with you!”!

Even a doctor approached us from the hospital, to thank us for being there!

This went on for almost the whole day.

A young woman, not a Christian, wanted to say how difficult it was to find a means of contraception that was not abortive…  but she had never heard of natural family planning!  So we were able to steer her towards that, with the comment from one of the team that it really works, for that is what her husband and she had always used!

I think everyone who prayed could see for themselves how much good this campaign is doing, just in terms of education on the subject, as well as spreading the message that pro-life dedication is based on scientific facts and not on blinkered opinions…

Thanks be to God for this campaign.  It is quite clear that he knows what he wants to do here.  May we serve him with generosity, joy and trust."

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