Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wednesday 30th, another life saved!

Hello Robert;

I would love you to ask our prayerful men and women to pray for Hannah* from
Mozambique* who would have had an abortion today, but went back home after I have approached her. She wants to keep her baby but the boyfriend doesn't. The lady and I came to consensus that she go home, then from that point she find her way out from him. This lady was emotionally moved and was deeply crying when I approached her and called her 'my sister' and said to her 'come I will help you.' I told her that God loves her and her baby that she should not worry because she is now in good hands.  I gave her all our information on how to reach us if need be. I pray God will take control of her situation.
From Sister Chinedum, HFSN.
* the lady's real name and country have been changed to protect her privacy. Sister Chinedum is a very experienced counsellor who has been helping women facing a crisis pregnancy, for many years. Thank you in advance for your prayers, and thank you sister!

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