Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Helpers of God Precious Infants support 40 Days for Life UK

40 Days For Life is an opportunity for all people of good will who uphold the sanctity of life to come together and pray for men and women who are in crisis pregnancies.  It gives people the chance to stand up for their faith and express it publicly by praying for 40 days for the end of abortion and for an end to the culture of death.  40 Days For Life also allows people to pray and fast from home if they are unable to give public witness to the sanctity of life.
This powerful expression of one’s faith, helped to bring many ordinary Catholics to pray for their brothers and sisters in Christ who are in danger of being aborted.  Many people who came, saw for the very first time that the word “Abortion” is not just an arbitrary term but a horrifying reality.
40 Days For Life helps to put human faces on the word “Abortion”.  With so many people struggling daily with this life or death decision, 40 Days For Life offers hope, amidst the truth of what abortion really is.  In seeking to support mothers and fathers, 40 Days For Life aims, by an act of grace, to turn around the culture of death by publicly witnessing to the greatest gift that God bestows on His children.  Life!
Many thanks to Fr. Emmanuel CFR, Rose, and the rest of the leadership team at HGPI!

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