Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Send us your stories

The 40 Days for Life campaign is imminent. Part of this campaign invovles a 40 day prayer vigil. This year we're having it outside BPAS abortuary, Bedford Square.

If you've ever taken part in a prayer vigil before, you'll know that it is a powerful time of prayer, fellowship, and often amazing things happen:
  • People in the street stop to share their experience of abortion
  • Pregnant mums reject abortion and choose life
  • Prominent pro-life leaders come to support us in prayer
  • Dads outside the clinic enter to save their child and girlfriend/wife from the abortionist's instruments
  • Vigil members strengthen one another by example and prayer
  • People inspired to make big committments
  • Abortion workers come and speak with us and quit the abortion business
All of these things and more happened last year, and we can expect the same this year. We've already had men and women email us with their stories of abortion, and abortions avoided. They thank us for the work we're doing.

When these things happen, we want you to tell us. Why? Because we want to share the good things that God is doing through 40 Days for Life. Good news gets people on board, it inspires, encourages, and reminds us to thank God.  

You can post your story as a comment on this blog, or email us. If you've got Twitter, or a blog, please use it to promote 40 Days for Life, and share the inspiring news.

Many Thanks.

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