Saturday, 19 March 2011

Another life saved, mum spared

A young woman got out of a car that had a Christian  fish pin on it ... determined to keep her abortion appointment at the facility where the 40 Days for Life vigil is taking place.  
A counselor tried to talk to her, but she just offered a crude gesture, hissed at the prayer volunteers and walked in. "We didn't give up," said Angela, the local 40 Days for life coordinator. "We kept praying." An hour later, she came out to smoke a cigarette and  saw members of a Bound 4 Life youth group who were praying at the vigil. "What are they doing?" the young woman asked. Angela answered, "They are praying for your baby." The young woman flipped her cigarette towards Angela and went back inside. Another hour passed -- another hour of constant prayer, particularly for this young women. She then came out again and literally ran -- weeping -- into the arms of the youth group members. "Thank you for being here!" she cried. "I didn't do it!" Then the full story came out. Her father was pressuring her to abort -- even though, she said, he claimed to be a Christian. Her mother said she would not help raise another baby as she already had a 3-year-old at home. The young woman feared her father would put her and her child out on the streets for not going through with the abortion. "We told her of our resources and how we could help her to find shelter and get back on her feet," Angela said. "She hugged us again and thanked the group for being there."

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  1. That is an awesome story, may God continue to use you guys:)