Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Quote of the day

"We are always told of reasons why we can't speak up against abortion.   If we speak in Church, we're told it's too political; if we speak in the political arena, we're told it's too religious.   If we speak in the media we're told it's too disturbing; in the educational realm, it's too disruptive.   On the public streets, it's too distressing for children; in the business world it's too controversial, in the family it's too divisive, and in social settings it's just impolite.   So if abortion is wrong, where do we go to say so?

The answer is that we have to stop looking for a risk-free place to fight abortion, and speak up in all those arenas!   There is a calculus in the heavens that says, 'Greater love than this nobody has, than to lay down his life for his friends.'   If we want to protect the unborn, then let's be willing to give our lives for them.   Let's stop counting the cost for ourselves if we speak up and start counting the cost for them if we are silent.   The pro-life movement does not need a lot of people; it needs people who are willing to take a lot of risk."

Fr. Frank Pavone

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