Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A quick note about taking photos and filming

1. We never photograph or film abortion workers, pregnant mums, dads, or family members who are going in or out of the abortuary. If you are at the vigil and someone does start to photograph/film, please tell them it is not allowed and they have to stop. If they refuse, please call a committee member. We have the Statement of Peace for a reason.  

2. You can photograph and film the people who are part of the prayer vigil (as long as they don't mind!). Photos and film of people praying at the vigil is useful for blogs, websites, journalists.

3. We don't film or photograph passers-by. Sometimes, a passer-by will film or photograph prayer vigilers. This is either done out of curiosity, or as a means of intimidation. You are fully within your rights to approach the passer-by and ask why they are taking photos or filming. Perhaps offer them a magazine if they seem interested. If they are rude,  you can even take a photo of them and offer them some free publicity if they like! Just because you are part of a prayer vigil doesn't mean you stop being a member of the public. 

4. Sometimes an individual man or woman will come up close to the people praying, shout in their faces, and take close-up photos or film. This is not on at all. Tell them to clear off. Make sure someone at the vigil films or photographs the person. If they have a car, get their number plate. If they persist, or go and then come back, inform a committee member as soon as you can, and call the police if you think it necessary.   

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