Monday, 28 February 2011

It can happen here!

It can happen here! We are serious about bringing an end to abortion. 40 Days for Life begins on 9th March 2011, in London for the second year running, and for the first time in Cheltenham.

We would like to see all Christians united in the cause of life

praying and fasting, joining our vigil, handing out free high-quality literature

engaging with those who have never heard the truth of the Christian faith on the sanctity of life and the evil of  abortion. 

We want to reach out in love to every pregnant mother facing a crisis pregnancy

every husband or partner who is standing on the sidelines rather than supporting the partner and unborn child

and every person who works at an abortion clinic - we want to help you find healing and the courage to walk away from the abortion industry.  

Sign-up, come to the kick-off rally, email a committee member for more info, download our free documents from our website

Start praying now so that Jesus Christ will give you and each of us the grace, courage, love, and perseverance needed. 

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