Monday, 21 February 2011

Top 11 things you can do during 40 Days for Life

1. Pray and fast, lots.

2. Make time each week to pray at the vigil outside BPAS abortion clinic

3. Tell people about 40 Days for Life, and invite them along

4. Wear a Tiny Feet badge a a sign that you're pro-life

5. Write to newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs, telling them about 40 Days for Life and how you want an end to abortion. 

6. Give someone a copy of 'You Can Stop Injustice' magazine. You could even leave a copy on the train or bus for the next person to read. 

7. If you have Facebook, change your profile picture to the 40 Days for Life logo

8. 40 Days for Life does not receive any funding, so perhaps you could consider making a donation, whether small or large. It all goes towards the campaign.

9. Come along to one of our events, and buy a ticket for the pro-life film screening. 

10. Ask your priest or minister if you could promote 40 Days for Life in your local church

11. Tell us - you must have lots of great ideas and experience to share with us. Email the committee or leave a comment on this blog.

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