Friday, 25 February 2011

Leading Pro-life Leaders in the UK come out to support 40 Days for Life

I am pleased to have been invited to endorse 40 Days for Life's peaceful and prayerful campaign to end the tragedy of abortion to which liberal western democracies have unfortunately become addicted. The work of 40 Days for Life underlines the message that that the fundamental human right is the right to life from conception to its natural end and that legalised abortion is the primary fatal injustice of our times, which has no place in a civilised society. I hope that 40 Days for Life's Lenten campaign of prayer, fasting and peaceful loving witness will persuade people that there is a better way to live. 
X Philip Tartaglia, Bishop of Paisley

"Until Catholics pray and fast and give public witness to the wrong of abortion, it will not end. 40 Days for Life gives everyone the chance to participate in this in a non-confrontational way. When you live in a country where abortion is legal, it is hard not to get your hands dirty in some way, whether by a tacit acceptance of abortion or by contributing through taxes etc to its continuance. 40 Days is a real way to make reparation.                                          
Clare and Stuart McCullough, Good Counsel Network

'Without a vision the people perish'. This is a biblical truth that applies so much to the God given vision against abortion given to the founders of 40 Days for Life. I am so thankful to those here in the UK who have picked up and run with this truth and are organising the next 40 days of prayer and fasting for the lives of ALL children at threat from abortion, their parents, families and those who promote the culture of death in our society. Prayer and fasting is the powerhouse of God's inspired action plan and I would encourage you to take part, be His hands, His feet and His heart that will take us beyond where we are just now to where He wants us to be in the fight for life.                             
Margaret Cuthill, ARCH

Abortion is the social and civil rights issue of the 21st century. As such, we need a commensurate social and civil rights movement to end the tragedy and injustice of abortion. I believe that 40 Days for Life is a valuable group which effectively uses the available spiritual and material means to work for an end to abortion and for the healing of society. I wish you well for your 2011 campaign. Be assured of my prayers and solidarity.                                                         John Smeaton, National Director SPUC

Societies have traditionally been judged by others by how well they treat the weakest and least politically powerful people in their midst. We fail miserably by killing 200,000 unborn babies each year. Christ said, "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did, you did for me." (Mth.25:40). Our value and worth is not measured by how smart we are, how much money we have, nor by worldly fame. Our value is inherent and God given because God made us in His image, from conception     (Gen 1:27 & Jer 1:5).   
 Peter Smith, Evangelical and UN Lobbyist.

I'm very happy to endorsement and support the 40 Days for Life campaign in London this coming March.  This is an excellent way of participating in Pro-Life activism and saving women and babies.   BPAS currently kills more than 60,000 babies each year and supporting the 40 Days for Life team outside the BPAS killing mill will help to protect and support women and save babies.                                                     Greg Clovis, Family Life International.

No Less Human (NLH), the pro-life group for disabled people, their families and carers is delighted to endorse the forthcoming 40 Days for Life. Disabled unborn children are sought out more than any other for detection and killing by abortion - a kind of fatal discrimination which no civilized society should countenance.                           Alison Davis, Leader, NLH

We live in a disposable society. The retention of relationships is, for an increasing number, for as long as is 'convenient'. Our Kleenex culture has the potential to further subvert an already shaky social structure when abortion is seen as no more than a 'tidying up process' for an inconveniently cluttered life. We are increasingly environmentally aware, but a nation's priorities have to be reassessed when the population deems it more trendy to 'save a tree' than to save an unborn child.  Pro-life people must never shrink from articulating this vital message and seeking to recalibrate the priorities of our politicians by respectful lobbying. What an indictment on our world when the most dangerous place to be is not a terrorist-infested city, but a baby in its mother's womb. Psalm 11 says, "When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Perhaps there are three things - protest, model a different lifestyle and pray.
 John Glass, General Superintendent of the Elim Pentecostal churches.

* We have the endorsements for 2011, free to download from our website, in low and high graphic. HERE

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