Thursday, 29 September 2011

How to help promote the 40 days for life campaign

If you feel you want to help promote the 40 days for life campaign which starts this Wednesday, here are some simple things you can do:
1. Get your parish to put an announcement in the bulletin - speak to the parish priest. The announcement could be in each bulletin over the 40 days period.
2. Ask your parish priest/ pastor to make an announcement after Mass/ service. You could then collect the emails of anyone interested in taking part as they leave.
3. Ask if you can place some flyers or put a poster up at the back of the church. If you need flyers, email me the quantity and we will get some to you ASAP.
4. Ask if you can speak after Mass/service about 40 days for life. A sample talk is attached or you can just say the short announcement. If you do this, it is a good idea to hand out the flyers as the congregation walks in, and collect the contact details of those who want to take part as they leave.
5. Promote 40 days for life on facebook - invite your friends to events, get onto our facebook page, link to our website.
6. Tell your Christian friends, speak at prayer groups.
7. Reach out to churches of all denominations - just walk in and speak to the boss!
8. Get involved in outreach - door to door outreach on the first 4 Saturdays 11am-6:30pm, handing out the magazines in the week of the 3rd October, 4-6pm. Contact Beata ( if you want to find out more.
9. Donate money to pay for more materials.

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