Thursday, 29 September 2011

40 days for life continue record breaking campaign

A ground breaking, locally organized initiative begins its 40 day campaign today to bring an end to abortion in the UK. 40 days for life invites people of faith and conscience to a peaceful, prayerful public witness outside the BPAS abortuary in Bedford Square, central London for a campaign from 28th September-6th November. The campaign is organised by a team of youthful activists passionate to speak on behalf of the silent victims of abortion.

The campaign is organized in unity with 301 cities worldwide with vision to save lives from abortion, inspire hearts and minds and to offer real choices to women in difficult pregnancies. To date, 16 abortion clinics have closed as a result of 40 days for life campaigns and over 4,000 lives have been spared from abortion. Many pro-life organizations in Britain have united in a historic display of unity as part of the campaign to be a voice for the voiceless and to spread public awareness of the humanity of the unborn child.

40 days for life London began in September 2010. In the space of just one year, prayer vigils have spread to Birmingham, Manchester, Cheltenham, Leeds and Torquay as campaigners seek to be pro-active in bringing an end to abortion using peaceful, prayerful methods. Campaign organiser Dan Blackman said: “Department of Health statistics reveal 196,109 unborn children killed in 2010. At this rate, a leading pro-life organisation has estimated that an estimated total of 9 million unborn children will have been killed by 2018. The killing has to stop.”

Daniel Blackman adds: “Abortion is a silent genocide. We seek to promote a growing awareness of the beauty and marvels of unborn life and expose the inner workings of the abortion industry. The new generation of human rights campaigners is here: we’re committed, organised, and on the front-foot.”

In 2009, Abby Johnson, a former abortion centre manager, defected from the abortion industry following contact with 40 Days for life, sending shock waves throughout the world with revelations of abortion industry lies and profiteering.

A consistent feature of 40 Days for Life campaign is giving voice to the victims of abortion. As one post-abortive woman anonymously said: “The lie that abortion is a harmless procedure without long terms adverse effects to the mother has to be exposed for what it is: a big lie, the elephant in the room.” The campaign group has organised events with Abortion Recovery Care Helpline and Rachel’s Vineyard who offer tangible help for women suffering after an abortion.   

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