Monday, 7 November 2011

DAY 37: Keep praying!

40 days for life London
Autumn 2011

With just 4 days left of our campaign. There are still many lives to be saved during this amazing time! Doctors may save lives and Priests may save souls, but we have the opportunity to save lives EVERY DAY during our campaign through peaceful, loving witness! The pro-abortion rally barely materialized yesterday as they dispersed after just 10 minutes - somewhat smaller than the 40 days 500 hour prayer witness. 

Please sign up for as many hours as possible in this last stretch:

Please come and join our prayer with the Bishop:

or our ending party on Friday 11th November: 

Day 37 - November 3

Pray that we will each submit ourselves this day as a living sacrifice to God, giving all that we have in us for those being sacrificed on the altar of convenience.
-- Romans 12:1
Since all things are for His glory, we are to offer ourselves for that purpose. This of course is in sharp contrast to those who are being swayed by the enemy to sacrifice their babies on the altar of convenience, rather than choosing to surrender their all, including their unborn child, to the Lord for His purposes.
A career, education goals, or even a boyfriend can unknowingly become an idol for some young women. In their minds, abortion is a convenient way to "rid themselves" of an obstacle in the way of their "worship."
In light of the sacrifice Christ made on our behalf, and the fruit of God's mercies on our lives, we owe God our highest form of praise and worship. Presenting our bodies as living sacrifices is therefore reasonable service.
We were made to worship God and God alone. The enemy who seeks worship for himself distorts God's truth regarding worship, sacrifice, idols, and children.
As you have given of yourself to rescue those who are perishing -- the young woman and her child -- you are worshiping God in the truest sense of the word.
May your example lead an abortion minded client to turn from her idols to worship the one true God, sparing her child from the altar of convenience, and sparing herself from a lifetime of regret.
God Almighty, You alone are worthy of our praise and worship. Having accepted Your Son's sacrifice on my behalf, I in turn present my body to you as a living sacrifice. Thank you for deeming me holy and acceptable because of Christ's shed blood for me. I pray that you would use me as your vessel to rescue others who are perishing. Through Christ who is Our Glory, Amen.
Carmen Pate
Co-host, "Point of View" Talk Show

Now there are those who would patrol life, not after it becomes a harvest but while it is seed in the granary. The new kind of vigilance would not wait until the fruit appeared on the tree, as did Hitler and others, but would stifle the blossoms and the buds. They would take up their watch at the borderline of love and life and say, "They shall not pass."
~ On Being Human, by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, Ph.D., D.D. ~ 

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  1. Mr Richard Williams, the current CEO of the Staffordshire County Showground forced his wife to abort their second child by giving her the ultimatum, the second child or him! The first child, Edward, was a mistake he would never do again. His wife, Valerie, connived to get pregnant by him. It's all a long and very sad story, especially when the wife tried to place the guilt onto the shoulders of myself and my wife, and just after my own twelve year young daughter had not so long before passed away. That's how cruel and callous they are. If anyone needs a prayer to get them on a better track of life it is them!