Thursday, 14 February 2013

Devotional for Day 1

That all the campaigns across the UK will be blessed with God's grace and mercy; that there are enough prayer volunteers; that all volunteers are loving, kind and compassionate and that many women choose life for their babies.
‘All things were made through Him and without Him nothing came to be. Whatever has come to be, found life in Him, life which for men was also light. Light that shines in the dark: light that darkness could not overcome.’ (John 1 v 3-5)
As we enter Lent we are encouraged to think of Jesus in the wilderness preparing Himself for His coming ministry before eventually giving himself up to His agonizing abandonment and death on a cross.
This world may seem at present for us a very dark and sometimes lonely place and we may have much to endure but this is itself is a sign of hope - suffering is the preparation for love and joy to come. God uses the darkness to make His little candles of love shine even brighter. We are His little candles. No matter how small our light may be, whether it seems to be unnoticed or unfruitful, we must keep it burning and not let it be extinguished, for our faith tells us love is never wasted.
May we love enough to keep up our prayers and fasting, may we love enough to witness in public to others, may we love enough to show only kindness and compassion to those using abortion facilities and those who work there. May we never stop loving with a real love - a love based on faith not feelings.
Mother Teresa once wrote: 'The light you give must be so pure, the love you love with must be so burning - the faith you believe with must be so convincing - that in seeing you they really see only Jesus'.
Lord, we ask You to bless us with the gift of your love in all that we do during these 40 days. May it be the source of all our actions and govern our every thought. May Your love be imprinted so deeply on our hearts that no matter what hardships we face, our response will only ever be love, a love that will conquer the fears of all meet.
We ask this through Your Son Jesus who is love and mercy. Amen.
Isabel Vaughan-Spruce
40 Days for Life, Birmingham

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