Sunday, 9 October 2011

Day 9: growing in joy serving a living God.

40 days for life London
Autumn 2011

The 40 days for life London vigil is NEVER a boring place!

It's a place where lives are saved, blessings and insults come in equal abundance and grace filled encounters occur daily.

Please ask EVERYONE you know to come and join not only the prayers for an end to abortion, but also to come to the vigil, or even to be involved in pro-life work for the very first time.

Bishop Alan Hopes is joining the vigil on Friday 4th November at 7pm. Do please come and join.

The Birmingham campaign is going extremely well!

** Please do not sing and disturb office workers during office working hours.. Many thanks **

Sign up times:
Saturday:  8am-8pm
Sunday:  8am-3pm; 5pm-8pm

Next week, particularly during the day we really would love volunteers at the clinic during the following times:

Monday:  8am-3pm; 5pm-8pm
Tuesday:  8am-11am; 1-8pm
Wednesday:  8-12pm; 1-6pm; 7-8pm
Thursday:  8am-8pm
Friday: 8am-12pm;1pm-8pm.

Day 9 - October 6

May we grow in joy, knowing we serve a living God.
And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.
-- John 1:14
The Word of God came to us in human form in Jesus Christ. Every time I contemplate this fact I get chills! And I think it is something that we, as Christians, tend to gloss over. I can only imagine how the first disciples felt when they were looking into the eyes of the one and only Almighty God who created them.
The first disciples developed a close relationship with Him as they daily walked and talked with Him. They ate with Him, prayed with Him and rested when He rested. As they listened to the Word of God, who was and is Jesus....they believed and "beheld His glory."
Today, this is something we can still do because we serve a living God. Remember, Jesus died on the cross but rose from the dead in victory! Jesus is every bit as real and alive for all of us as He was to the first disciples. He wants us to develop a close relationship with Him in the very same way. Jesus wants us to know Him personally. He wants us to walk with Him and talk with Him on a daily basis.
Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for your love and saving grace in Christ Jesus. Help us to realize every day the great blessing we have in our Savior. I pray that we will rise every morning with excitement and zeal, looking forward to walking another day in your footsteps fully knowing that you continue to dwell among us. Amen.
Day Gardner
President, National Black Pro-life Union

Pro life quote of the day:
"All who are genuinely committed to the advancement of women can and must offer a woman or a girl who is pregnant, frightened, and alone a better alternative than the destruction of her own unborn child."

-- Mary Ann Glendon 

Pro life resource of the day:
Life training institute:

Pro life article of the day:
Homily of Bishop Patrick Donoghue
Thank your for your prayers for life! Let's continue to pray for many babies being saved!
40 days for life London committee

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