Thursday, 14 April 2011

Archbishop Charles Chaput's wise words

Don’t hate the adversary

People who support an imaginary “right” to abortion are our opponents, but they’re never our “enemies.”  Our enemy is the Evil One.  Abortion-friendly lawmakers and organizations, and even people who despise us for what we believe, are not our enemies. They’re brothers and sisters. We need to trust in the power of love -- the true power of God.  St. Irenaeus of Lyon warned early Christians that we’ve been sent like sheep into the midst of wolves. The moment we become wolves ourselves, we lose.

I’ve always been moved by the story of Norma McCorvey, the woman whose legal case led to the Supreme Court decision that legalized permissive abortion in America.  As the years passed after her court victory, McCorvey began to regret her abortion and to examine her life.  She converted first to the prolife cause and later to the Catholic faith.

Feeling used and discarded by the abortion industry, McCorvey struggled with depression and fell into a deeply confused life.  One day a young prolife Christian couple with children moved in next door to her.  Her neighbors always treated her kindly.  They often let her talk and play with their children.  But she always feared that they would find out who she was -- not just “an enemy” but “the enemy,” the woman who helped legalize abortion.

Norma later discovered that they knew exactly who she was all along.  Experiencing their unconditional kindness became the first step on her journey to the Catholic faith and, today, to a life committed to ending abortion.[source]

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